We Specialize in Drone technology to bring efficiency and affordability in:

Spraying, Spreading, Mapping, Crop Monitoring & Farm Management

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The application of agrochemicals is a cornerstone of modern farming. It’s a delicate balancing act that requires speed, care, and precision. Introducing the right chemicals in the right quantity in the right locations and at the right time is a constant challenge for farmers. Too high a concentration in one place can lead to unnecessary costs and decrease the quality of produce. Too low a concentration can leave crops exposed and undermine yield. Thanks to powerful autonomous drones, spraying is now made easy.


Crop Monitoring/Mapping

Sealane conducts automatic field mapping. we are thus able to find abnormalities, such as emergence deficiencies, weed pressure, and crop lodging in a timely manner. We provide information invisible to the human eye thus farmers can make timely, informed decisions on crop treatment, lowering costs, saving resources, and maximizing yields.


Farm Management

Our solutions provide digital, informative, intelligent, and precise field management for grain crops such as rice, wheat, and corn. This empowers agricultural operators with more convenient and efficient options, reduces operation costs, improves crop quality, and increases yield rate.



Our seeding drone can dispense seeds, fertilizers, or pesticides up to 12 acres of land per hour. This same task will require 100 labourers to complete. The drone supports various granule sizes, from 1mm - 10mm.

About Us

Leading Kenya in Agriculture.

About Us

Sealane is one of Kenya's leading agricultural technology companies specializing in Crop Protection, farm management and crop spraying. Our drone technology enables farmers across the country to make better use of the available resources for maximum profit. We are committed to help farmers manage their farms through mapping, spraying as well as crop monitoring.

What We Do

Drones are now established tools in the agriculture business, boosting the productivity of farms with timely aerial data. Aside from gathering vital insights on crop health and enabling the creation of detailed NDVI and RGB maps, our flying robots are taking an active role in day to day operations. We use our spraying drones for the application of:

  • Fertilizers
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Fungicides
  • Seeds, and more.

And we are doing so in ways that are cheaper, faster, and more accurate than traditional methods.

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